mcdevinpants replied to your photo: What’s that I’m nibbling? DAIKON! Pickled daikon…

What’s a daikon? Are you gonna pickle cucumbers soon? ‘Cause Joanna brand pickles would be AWESOME.

A daikon is a delicious, delicious japanese radish that you probably shouldn’t eat raw in large chunks and should never get in your eyes because it burns like hell.  Not that I did any of these things last night or anything while I was pickling them.

Daikons are huge.  It’s so cool.  They can get to be about three feet long — the one I brought home was a foot long and almost two pounds.  SO COOL GUYS.  JAPANESE RADISHES.

…I will stop geeking out over weird things now.

And eventually, yes, I’d like to be able to pickle my own cucumbers that I grow myself and maybe some other things, and also to make and jar (can?) my own other…preserved…sorts of things.  Jams or butters or something.  Having a raspberry or a blackberry bush could be really cool for that.  Oooh, and that jalepeno jelly?  And apple and pumpkin butters too.  Hm….